Green Initiative

Eco-Friendly Signs & Printing:
Our Commitment to the Environment

Bailey Sign demonstrates environmental commitment in the way we truly conduct our business. Our passion for sustainability is shared by our entire organization. We encourage our teammates to find new methods to make our processes and products more eco-friendly.


Our Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

  • We use Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights in most of our signs.
  • We use an ultra-Low volatile organic compound (VOCs) paint system for all sign products.
  • We use durable materials to ensure products are long lasting and do not need to be replaced frequently.
  • We work with suppliers who provide us with many recyclable and biodegradable options. They also offer materials made with recycled content.
  • Within our facility we recycle all metals, plastics, cardboard and wood products. We also donate vinyl and other reusable items to local art programs.
  • Our office recycles paper products, ink cartridges and electronic equipment.
  • Our large-format printer uses UV curable inks, which contain virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC). They do not have any heavy metals and they are not a hazardous waste under the U.S. waste regulations (RCRA).
  • green fern lead


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