Next time you’re in the car, look at the buildings, vehicles, signs and banners around you. They’re big and colorful. They’re bold, enticing and utterly unavoidable. They’re the product of today’s super wide format digital printers. Located in Portland, Maine, Bailey Sign has chosen the VUTEk QS2000 as our wide format digital flatbed and roll-to-roll UV direct-to-substrate printer, which delivers superior photorealistic quality and high production.

Our printer is capable of six-color imaging and features a seventh channel with white ink in six variations. We are able to print on rigid and flexible substrates up to 2 inches thick and 80 inches wide. The finished product can be 
cut to any imaginable shape.

UV curable direct-to-substrate printing is one of the most eco-friendly ways to produce a traditional sign. The image is printed directly to the substrate and cured instantly. No adhesive is used in the finishing process and little to no fumes are emitted.

Printed signs, ATM wraps and window graphics are just the beginning.