As signage, awnings create a stunning new identity for your business, act as an efficient marketing tool, and extend a welcome to your customers. Awnings can enhance the appearance of any store, providing shelter and attractive signage! Awnings also allow you to create more dynamic signage with little square footage in most municipals.

Channel letter signs are an excellent choice for many applications. Each channel letter has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in a professional and highly visible signage presentation. They project off your building facade, creating an eye-catching sign that differs from the typical wall, box or freestanding sign. Channel lettering is made up from plastic, aluminum or steel.

Bailey Sign, Inc. specializes in the art and science of creating and implementing custom signage and graphics. We design, plan, build, install and manage the process from concept to completion for clients throughout New England. We take pride in the originality of our designs and our highly skilled craftsmen. With this blend we produce very unique and spectacular display, which highlight client’s brand identity.

This type of signage is usually the main identification on the premise of a businesses or facility. It can be monument, pylon, or post & panel freestanding signage. Freestanding signs may be illuminated or non-illuminated, they are generally backlit, but may also incorporate neon or LED lighting into their design. The height and square footage of freestanding signs are regulated by each city through its sign ordinance.

Every organization has a story. Let Bailey Sign, Inc. tell yours. Using interior signage and graphics to tell your story helps define your brand, explain what you do, and reveal your corporate personality.

In the 1920's Neon lighting quickly became a popular fixture in outdoor advertising. Visible even in daylight, people would stop and stare at the first neon signs dubbed "liquid fire". Bailey Sign, Inc. is one of the only sign companies in Maine and throughout New England with the ability to produce custom neon glass in-house.

Georges Claude was the first person to apply an electrical discharge to a sealed tube of neon gas to create a lamp. Georges Claude displayed the first neon lamp to the public on December 11th 1910, in Paris. In 1923, Georges Claude and his French company Claude Neon, introduced neon gas signs to the United States, by selling to a Packard car dealership in Los Angeles. Earle C. Anthony purchased the two signs reading "Packard" for $24,000.

Bailey Sign, Inc. knows that a lasting impression will stick out in your mind! We design, install, and service projecting blade signs throughout New England. When limited store frontage or zoning regulations discourage freestanding signage – this may be your best option. Projecting signs are manufactured from various materials including: metal, wood, and composite board. These projecting signs may be internally or externally illuminated.

Bailey Sign offers vehicle graphics for businesses or personal use. Whether you need a single vehicle wrap or an entire corporate fleet, we can fulfill any size order. We take pride in the quality of our designs, materials and installations.

Wall mounted signage can be non-illuminated, externally illuminated or internally illuminated using a variety of illumination methods.

Bailey Sign, Inc. offers traffic and custom signs to meet your needs. Our traffic signs meets regulatory requirements and exceed most state & DOT specifications. We work to assure that visitors to your business will be able to easily navigate your building, complex, or campus. Wayfinding signage design complements the architecture but does not overwhelm or detract.